Today’s post is more of a ‘did you know’. I was looking up information on the pharmaceutical industry and just happened to stumble across these gems !

So according to Merriam-Webster pharmacy is the art, practice, or profession of preparing, preserving, compounding, and dispensing medical drugs. I also found the tidbit that in Great Britain it’s called the Chemist’s instead !

Before the pharmacy’s that we see today, there were apothecaries which is pretty gnarly. That’s where we get the visual of some wizard looking dude with a beard grinding up herbs with mortar and pestle.

Then I somehow came across entheogens. This is the use of drugs in religion and other spiritual rituals. Interesting. We mainly associate this with, although not by name, NativeAmericanss. We’ve seen portrayed through the media them sitting around in a drum circle with a bonfire with a hookah about to have a crazy vision quest. Psychadelic. There was also this notion of entheogens being used for evil in the form of mind control and brainwashing.

Through more digging, I found tons of religious sites that pointed to the fact that drugs were commonly used in pagan worship to prophesy. One site said that only witches and sorcerers used drugs 400 years ago. They did not, however, define what makes a witch or a sorcerer.

On the particular religious site I linked, it used the scripture Galatians 5:20. It stated that the English word ‘spiritism’ stems from the greek word  ‘pharmakos’. Apparently, pharmakos meant sorcery OR “a ritualistic sacrifice or exile of scapegoat.” The Greeks would take an ugly man, feed him well, then beat him in the dick and stone him either to death or almost to death. Classy. Occasionally an ugly woman or some other undesirable citizen was chosen. The purpose of this was to sacrifice something to the gods so they could rid their bad luck. No clue what this has to do with drugs but cool.

I also found that the word alcohol being referred to as spirits is equivalent to the Arabic word al-gawl which means demon or spirit in the holy Quran.

Everything else in this post is just totally my opinion. It seems that in the olden days (referring to everything before 7:36 am, April 12, 1991) it seems like everything that wasn’t understood was deemed demonized. As human nature, when we don’t know things, we make something up. Witchcraft and sorcery were the wave and the go to back then.

Also, most everything I’ve ever researched in depth seems to have root in paganism. Paganism is generally described as anything that isn’t part of the world’s main religions, especially non-Christians. It reminds me of Jews and Gentiles. Basically blaming paganism and referring to paganism just means “you’re not just like me so you’re bad and irrational.” Almost anything can be referred to as paganism if you try hard enough. So that’s pretty absurd.

Lastly, the whole issue of drugs being used to expand the mind and to transcend and open another realm is wild. Often too in research drugs have been linked to root words that imply poison. Medicines, on the other hand, are strongly linked to herbs. This is especially intriguing to me because the reason I started researching the pharm industry is because in my work as a health care professional, I was very disturbed seeing very young patients look so sickly while taking 35 pills a day that are all treating diet-related illnesses. (I acknowledge that was a crazy run on sentence.) It seems that we are still at a point in time where drugs and medicine are used interchangeably and don’t match what’s legal and illegal. Things that require copious amounts of drugs are 100% preventable and can be cured if one just ate a proper diet and moved around a little more. More about that later.

But if you take anything from this, be careful what you put in your body. Research everything doctors suggest and eat a balanced diet. Many times we are prescribed unnecessary poisons that are really making us even sicker.

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Radical Forgiveness

About a 7 minute read.

Radical. adjective. relating to or affecting the fundamental nature of something. advocating or based on thorough research, social change. representing or supporting an extreme.

Forgive. verb. stop feeling angry or resentful toward someone for an offense, flaw or mistake. cancel a debt. used in polite expressions as a request to excuse or regard indulgently one’s foibles, ignorance or impoliteness. 

Aphiemi. greek. literally means to let go off, or to pardon. ceasing to feel resentment toward him because of his offense AND GIVING UP ALL CLAIM TO RECOMPENSE. 

I first heard the term ‘radical forgiveness’ when I watched this super dope YouTube clip about being unfuckwithable by Vishen Lakhiani. When I first saw the title for the video, I thought it was a joke. I clicked on it totally prepared to laugh. Then I saw that Mr. L was the founder and CEO of Mindvalley which is an educational company and figured this clip was about to get real. And it did.

The whole tone of the talk is that forgiveness is a personal thing. And it’s necessary to reach the ultimate level of unfuckwithability . Radical forgiveness suggests forgiving everything and everyone not necessarily to pardon them… but to excuse yourself and release any negative emotions so that you can be at peace. And to do so without any exceptions whatsoever.

There are multiple studies that have done that actually show physical improvements and a change in brain chemistry when a person is focused on forgiveness. You can learn more about the health benefits from the Mayo Clinic.

Also, a large part of radical forgiveness is forgiving yourself. He and other sources suggest that many people are actually held back by the way they feel about themselves even after radically forgiving other people. We have to understand that if our view of ourselves is negative, we cannot push forward. We cannot truly progress. Materials will constantly disappoint us even though that is what most people lean towards to amplify self-worth. Other people’s compliments won’t reach our hearts if we don’t feel good about ourselves. We have to understand that we are enough. We are worthy. Mr. L’s peer Marisa explains it wonderfully and has a simple solution.

Just start telling yourself that you’re enough. Write it in notebooks. Make it your screensaver. Use a dry erase marker to put it on all the mirrors in your home. Post it on your refrigerator. Just constantly remind yourself. Use it as an affirmation. Through that repetition, you’ll start to believe it and other things will start to fall into place.

To delve even deeper, it really helps to go back to the source or the cause of any negative emotions you have towards yourself or any grudges you may be holding. Process those events and feelings and then forgive where necessary.

She also explains that knowing you’re enough doesn’t mean that you have no room to grow. It’s not equivalent to being perfect. It’s more so realizing that you deserve to love yourself the way you are while constantly evolving. That it’s acceptable for you to love the process, the progress and every new form of you. This can only be done if you ignore what others say about you.

Everyone has their own way to live and they’re entitled to their own opinion but we take all things said about us and our character as a suggestion and nothing more.

Another great point made, which is also very much the center of The Wisdom Of Insecurity, is that we need to live in this moment and this moment only. Which technically is the only option. But that’s another conversation.

Staying in the present is a powerful form of biohacking. We all need inner space and a few moments of mindfulness each day. The way western culture is set up these days doesn’t really allow for that to happen. We are constantly told we need to focus and obsess over the future. We are taught to plan meticulously and work hard with no breaks and no sleep if we want to be successful. Ironically, since the inception of this idealistic way of living, anxiety and depression have also been steadily rising.

Another way to develop radical forgiveness is through empathy.

“Empathy is one of the greatest forms of intelligence.”

Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of others. Try to think about why the people that hurt you, hurt you. Maybe they were going through a very tough time and projected their feelings on to you. Perhaps they suffer from a mental illness and have little control over their emotions and actions. Or maybe they simply didn’t know any better, which is often the case when it comes to abuse.

Having a why behind the action can help you put your feet in someone else’s shoes. With that empathy, forgiveness comes.

So this post was pretty jam packed with information. If you get a chance I really encourage checking out the links and learning more.

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About a 6 minute read.

A strong relationship starts with two people who are ready to sacrifice anything for each other.

The thought catalog gives 5 reasons having a boyfriend is awesome. Of course everyone is different but in a nutshell what they say is pretty true. The reasons include: constant snuggles (or other forms of affection. someone to vent to. the way he looks at you (or other ways of making you feel special). never feeling lonely. totally being yourself.

Without these 5 things in totality, there’s basically no point in being in a relationship. Now of course life happens. You’re having a bad day and you don’t really feel like engaging in conversation. Maybe you’re tired and need to be alone. Maybe you’re moody and you’re being a little short. These are, of course, okay once in a while, as we are all human. However, problems come when these things are constant.

Self-absorption has no place in a healthy, happy relationship. When you love someone truly, you know that they have needs too and you want to do everything in your power to make sure those needs are met. That’s where sacrifice comes into the picture.

Maybe you had a shitty day at work and you want nothing more than to just go home and go to sleep but you haven’t spoke to your loved one all day. Sacrificing a few minutes to tell them you love them or even just that you’re tired shouldn’t be too much to ask. It shouldn’t even feel like a burdensome sacrifice. It’s just being considerate and having open communication. Even more so when you know that your loved one is also having a rough time and could really use the affection.  If it feels like too much to ask… that’s a clue that being in a relationship maybe shouldn’t be an option right now.

Are you noticing that maybe your partner previously shared a lot with you but recently they are hardly telling you anything ? It could be that you’ve recently created an environment that makes them feel the need to filter themselves. Or maybe you’ve been making them feel neglected or unappreciated. Maybe they’ve tried to talk to you about it but you took it as an attack instead of a conversation. The loving thing to do would be to sacrifice a little time, and maybe some pride, if that’s in the way, to see what’s going on in their mind. When you truly love someone, you want them to feel like they can be themselves and like they can tell you anything without feeling antagonized in return. The keyword here is feel. Maybe you tell them that they can share anything with you. If you’re not making them feel that way though, it’s an issue. One of the main reasons people enter into a relationship is so they have someone they can be themselves with and someone they can share everything with openly, no matter how big or small. If this doesn’t seem appealing to you, maybe you’re not ready for a relationship. 

Also, if you find yourself saying (or hearing) that one isn’t the type to sacrifice or they often allude to the fact that you both need to just take care of yourselves, maybe that’s a sign that your relationship will never work out. After all, one of the reasons humans enter into relationships is so that they can depend on someone to take care of them and vice versa.

A relationship where only one person is constantly making these sacrifices is called a one-sided relationship. THIS IS WILDLY UNHEALTHY. Because when you’re in love, you should be willing to do anything in your power to make your significant other happy. Elite Daily lists 8 painful signs that point to the fact that you’re in a one-sided relationship. 5 and 7 are what hit me the hardest. If you’re constantly stressed out with your relationship, is it really worth being in ? Science has proven hundreds of adverse effects that come along with stress. If your life is already stressful, I’m sure you’re in a relationship in hopes to relieve some of that stress. Also, if you’re telling your friends what’s going on in your life and they’re saying things like, “what an asshole,” “man that’s fucked up,” “he ain’t shit,” and “you deserve better,”… but you’re defending and justifying his behavior…take that as a sign. A bad sign.

Maybe this post reminds you of your relationship. Don’t assume that he or she doesn’t love you. Maybe he or she does love and care about you. It could be that the problem is that he or she doesn’t know how to love. Or at the very least, maybe they don’t know how to love you the way that you need to be loved. If that’s the case, it is up to you to decide whether or not the relationship is worth it. “We accept the love we think we deserve.” It’s important not to have the intention to change the person or ‘teach’ them how to love you. That’s impossible. People need to be accepted for who and how they are. If you feel the need to change your partner… you probably shouldn’t be with them. If they recognize that there is a problem, on the other hand, and they choose themselves that change is necessary, they’re probably a keeper.

Also keep in mind that every relationship, both intimate and platonic, takes work. If you’re still in the ‘getting to know each other’ phase, maybe it’ll  just take some time to get used to each other and adjust accordingly. This is all my opinion from my experience of course. I thought I’d still share.

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