Today’s post is more of a ‘did you know’. I was looking up information on the pharmaceutical industry and just happened to stumble across these gems !

So according to Merriam-Webster pharmacy is the art, practice, or profession of preparing, preserving, compounding, and dispensing medical drugs. I also found the tidbit that in Great Britain it’s called the Chemist’s instead !

Before the pharmacy’s that we see today, there were apothecaries which is pretty gnarly. That’s where we get the visual of some wizard looking dude with a beard grinding up herbs with mortar and pestle.

Then I somehow came across entheogens. This is the use of drugs in religion and other spiritual rituals. Interesting. We mainly associate this with, although not by name, NativeAmericanss. We’ve seen portrayed through the media them sitting around in a drum circle with a bonfire with a hookah about to have a crazy vision quest. Psychadelic. There was also this notion of entheogens being used for evil in the form of mind control and brainwashing.

Through more digging, I found tons of religious sites that pointed to the fact that drugs were commonly used in pagan worship to prophesy. One site said that only witches and sorcerers used drugs 400 years ago. They did not, however, define what makes a witch or a sorcerer.

On the particular religious site I linked, it used the scripture Galatians 5:20. It stated that the English word ‘spiritism’ stems from the greek word  ‘pharmakos’. Apparently, pharmakos meant sorcery OR “a ritualistic sacrifice or exile of scapegoat.” The Greeks would take an ugly man, feed him well, then beat him in the dick and stone him either to death or almost to death. Classy. Occasionally an ugly woman or some other undesirable citizen was chosen. The purpose of this was to sacrifice something to the gods so they could rid their bad luck. No clue what this has to do with drugs but cool.

I also found that the word alcohol being referred to as spirits is equivalent to the Arabic word al-gawl which means demon or spirit in the holy Quran.

Everything else in this post is just totally my opinion. It seems that in the olden days (referring to everything before 7:36 am, April 12, 1991) it seems like everything that wasn’t understood was deemed demonized. As human nature, when we don’t know things, we make something up. Witchcraft and sorcery were the wave and the go to back then.

Also, most everything I’ve ever researched in depth seems to have root in paganism. Paganism is generally described as anything that isn’t part of the world’s main religions, especially non-Christians. It reminds me of Jews and Gentiles. Basically blaming paganism and referring to paganism just means “you’re not just like me so you’re bad and irrational.” Almost anything can be referred to as paganism if you try hard enough. So that’s pretty absurd.

Lastly, the whole issue of drugs being used to expand the mind and to transcend and open another realm is wild. Often too in research drugs have been linked to root words that imply poison. Medicines, on the other hand, are strongly linked to herbs. This is especially intriguing to me because the reason I started researching the pharm industry is because in my work as a health care professional, I was very disturbed seeing very young patients look so sickly while taking 35 pills a day that are all treating diet-related illnesses. (I acknowledge that was a crazy run on sentence.) It seems that we are still at a point in time where drugs and medicine are used interchangeably and don’t match what’s legal and illegal. Things that require copious amounts of drugs are 100% preventable and can be cured if one just ate a proper diet and moved around a little more. More about that later.

But if you take anything from this, be careful what you put in your body. Research everything doctors suggest and eat a balanced diet. Many times we are prescribed unnecessary poisons that are really making us even sicker.

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Stay golden. Rose golden.


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